The Voyage of the Swan
Our Home is the Pacific Seacraft 34 Sailboat, Swan.
We’ve been living and ocean cruising on her since 2007. For us, she is the perfect blue water cruiser. The Pacific Seacraft 34 is a proven offshore cruising yacht designed by Bill Crealock and built in the USA by Pacific Seacraft.
Over thousands of sea miles through demanding conditions, she has kept us safe. We hope you enjoy her story.
Dave Mancini                
Rhonda Mancini  
Notice: As of 3/29/16
Swan is For Sale.
We’ve bought a home in Oregon and we are going to bury the anchor in the backyard. If you are interested in Swan and need further info, please use the contact button above to reach us.
We average 150+ hits on this site per day. We will leave the site up for all of those who remain interested in the information it contains.
We love Pacific Seacraft yachts and we hope this site will encourage others to feel the same. Please visit to see an American company that still believes in true uncompromising quality and builds beautiful blue water yachts that reflect that fact. Then, give them a call. They’re great people.
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