The Voyage of the Swan
1. Hull in mold - 1/11/07
2. Liner - 1/11/07
3. Liner bonded into hull
1. Birth of a PSC 34
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Note: These pictures were taken in 2007. The company has since moved from California to North Carolina and is under new ownership. No doubt some details in construction have changed and certainly quality has continued to improve since these pictures were taken.
A Pacific Seacraft 34 starts in molds. The hull itself is molded, then many individual pieces of fiberglass are molded up to fit on and into the hull that becomes, ultimately, the finished boat. The pictures below are the first results of the molding process.
In picture 1, the hull is completely laminated, but still in the mold, and the starboard deck flange is being laminated to the hull via a bolt on fixture (red). The port flange is already complete. Various bands of cloth lamination can be seen in the hull, making up the design thickness of the hull: thickest along the centerline and bilges, thinnest at the sheer.
Picture 2 is the liner after molding (notice the wooden core for strength and stiffness). The liner is then bonded into the hull (picture 3) to add an internal structure which both stiffens and strengthens the hull. It also acts as the substrate for the “furniture” and bulkheads that make up the interior accommodation.
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